Jan 8, 2018

AbokiFX Todays Naira To Dollar Pound Euro Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market (2018)

AbokiFX Todays Naira To Dollar Pound Euro Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market (2018)

Get today's exchange rates, updated daily from Abokifx. Exchange rates of Naira to a dollar, pound, and euro. AbokiFX is a Nigerian website that has gone viral by its publishing of Nigeria's Naira exchange rate to different major currencies such as the Dollar, Pound, and Euro.

naira to dollar exchange rate

Many of us are either into Online Sells, Imports and Exports, Bureau De Change and others. All these require you to always stay updated with the current Naira to Dollar exchange rate, or other currencies such as pounds and euro.

Abokifx provides you with that information you need, be it individual banks exchange rates, Black market rates, CBN exchange rates and even BDC rates.

However, this post would be updated daily with the current exchange rates of Naira to all the mentioned major currencies (Dollar, Pound, and Euro) to make it easier for you to stay updated with what's going on with Nigeria's currency and other countries currencies.

Today's (08/01/2018) AbokiFx Dollar, Pound and Euro Exchange Rate To Naira

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N360 Sell @ N363

Pound to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N480 √ @ Sell @ N486

Euro to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N425 Sell @ N434

I believe this information would be very useful to anyone who deals with foreign currencies like Google Adsense participants as it would enable them to know the rate at which they would be paid.
Come Back Tomorrow For Tomorrow's Exchange Rates! Naira is our Voice.

Jan 1, 2018

New Year Wishes Photos (2018)

New Year Wishes Photos (2018)

It's 2018 and here I present to you some of the best new year wishes photos to share the season's greetings with your friends and family.

This new year wishes photos below are free to download and use. You are free to share the photos singularly with your friends or share this post which contains all the year's wishes photos to them.

I also use this opportunity to say a big Thank You to you all that has been here with us through the years. It's a new day in a new year and we promise to give you a better browsing experience on this blog.

2018 New Year Wishes Photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

happy new year wishes photos

The photos above were arranged in no particular order, so you're free to decide which is best for the recipient you wish to send it to.

2018 is a year of Technological Breakthrough! ConTechsBlog would surely partake in the breaking through as we all continue to do what we ought to.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2018!

Dec 20, 2017

Download MegaBox HD - Best Showbox Alternative

Download MegaBox HD - Best Showbox Alternative

Megabox HD is a very useful Android application that can be used to stream movies, Tv Shows, Tv series, and lots of other interesting programs. Megabox HD is very similar to Showbox, and their features, functions and uses are alike. This is because Showbox also allows you stream Tv shows and series, as well as download free movies online on your Android smartphone.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD is considered the best alternative to Showbox because it has every feature and probably every movie that you would find on Showbox. Just as it is with Showbox, Megabox HD gives you access to download exclusive movies for free on your Android device.

Megabox HD movies

Megabox HD downloads

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Moviebox - A Showbox Alternative
Best Psiphon VPN for Streaming Anonymously

Sometime ago, I posted a list of reliable Showbox alternatives, but that list was incomplete because I failed to include the Megabox HD application which i now consider the best Showbox alternative. However, I urge you to checkout the Showbox applications on the list as they all are unique with different functions, with each allowing you stream and download TV shows.

Megabox HD for Android

Most Showbox alternatives are not downloadable on Google Playstore and this Megabox HD application follows the same rule. However, you can click on the link below to directly download Megabox HD apk on your Android device. Guess what? The apk size of the Megabox HD app for Android is just 2.2MB, amazing, isn't it?

Click here to download Megabox HD for Android

Dec 16, 2017

New MTN Gameplus Unlimited Free Browsing Xmas Cheat

New MTN Gameplus Unlimited Free Browsing Xmas Cheat

MTN Gameplus free browsing cheat 2017 is back and better with an unlimited Game+ data that can be accumulated and used for browsing, streaming, or downloading on your Android device with Psiphon VPN. I hope you can recall that this MTN gameplus free browsing cheat was available and used by us sometime this year, i guess you also remember that it was capped at 300MB. The good news is that this new MTN gameplus is accumulative and thus unlimited, just follow the procedure below to get your own MTN gameplus free MB and start browsing for free.

MTN Game+

Though the new Psiphon settings for the MTN gameplus seems identical to the former, there seem to be noticeable differences in the free subscription procedure. We believe MTN intentionally allowed the free accumulation of this gameplus data bundle because the subscription keyword is related to the present Christmas celebration. The ability to accumulate and get unlimited amounts of free data is what makes this new MTN gameplus cheat special and worthwhile.

How To Get The Free MTN Gameplus Data

Unlike the previous time, we used this cheat and had to send "JW" to 131 to get the free data, this time you simply have to send "Xmas" without quotes to 2200. If the keyword is sent successfully you would receive the following replies:

how to get MTN free gameplus data

"Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Game+ Free Trial with FREE 150MB for 7 days. Click game.mtnonline.com to start. To cancel, text STOP to 2200. Dial *559# to check data balance"

"You've received Free 150MB from Game+, Dial *559# to query. To win N500 airtime, Follow us on twitter.com/gameplus_ng  or visit game.mtnonline.com."

Once those replies are received you would be credited with free 150MB Game+ Data which can be checked by dialing *559#. It doesn't stop here and also isn't unlimited yet, you have to accumulate the free 150MB to any amount you wish by accumulating it, read on below to learn how to accumulate the free data.

How To Accumulate The Free MTN Gameplus Data For Unlimited Browsing

From the reply you received when you sent the keyword for the free gameplus data you can understand that you simply need to send a code to unsubscribe from the gameplus subscription. Well, the interesting thing is that your free data stays intact even after you've unsubscribed, and guess what? You can resubscribe immediately for free and receive another 150MB free gameplus data, that is how you accumulate it for unlimited browsing.

All you have to do is keep repeating the following sequence;

how to accumulate MTN gameplus free data

Send Xmas to 2200, wait for the two replies to be sent to your phone. Now send Stop to 2200 and wait for a reply confirming your unsubscription from the gameplus plan, your free data won't be removed. Accumulate the gameplus free data by repeating the sequence, though your number may get blacklisted after many resubscriptions.

Psiphon VPN Settings For The New MTN Gameplus Free Browsing

I already stated that the settings for this new MTN gameplus cheat aren't too different from that of the previous free browsing, only some minor changes were made, which may not be necessary in every case. The best VPN for this gameplus free browsing is Psiphon, you can use any of the working Psiphon VPN apps, though I personally prefer Psiphon Pro Lite Handler and would be making use of it for this tutorial.

Follow the steps below to set up your Psiphon app to browse with the MTN gameplus data:

The first thing you should do is download Psiphon Pro Lite Handler VPN application for Android from this link, then set it up with the settings below.

MTN gameplus psiphon settings

 * Keep Remove Port unticked

• Proxy Type - Real Host
• Proxy Server - game.mtnonline.com
• Real Proxy Type - Inject
• Real Proxy Server - 80

Now you can save but do not click the Connect button yet.

Go to More Options, tick "Connect through an HTTP proxy" and configure it by using the following settings;
• Host Address -
• Host Port - 8080
Save and press the back button.

MTN gameplus settings

Now choose Either USA or Best Performance as your preferred region. Click the connect button and your Psiphon Pro Lite VPN would connect in minutes or probably seconds, once it's connected you can go ahead to start browsing and downloading with your free MTN gameplus data. That's all.

MTN gameplus free streaming

I guess that was easy? Yeah, I know it sure was easy. Take a look at that screenshot and tell me what you think about that fast internet speed of 1.9MB/s, this MTN gameplus free browsing cheat is really fast! Do share this post with your friends immediately on Social Media so they do not miss out the fun. I'm also gonna attend to your questions and suggestions once you drop them on the comment box. Happy browsing.

Dec 2, 2017

GTBank Online Account Opening Procedure

GTBank Online Account Opening Procedure

Do you know you can open a GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) account right from your home, school, or workplace? The GTBank online account opening procedure is very fast and simple and in no time you would be ready to start sending and receiving money. Gone are the days when one has to visit a bank branch and stand in long queues just to open a bank account. With the GTBank online account opening form, you can now open a bank account anywhere and at any time.

GTBank online account opening

How do you feel when you visit a bank branch and spend hours there waiting for your turn to be attended to? Well, Technology has changed a lot of things and that era has been erased too. Now you can do almost every banking service from your phone and computer in the fastest way possible.

GTBank, in particular, tends to make sure that customers are satisfied with their banking system and are able to carry out banking tasks without stress. This is why they always introduce a new, better and faster medium of banking that would save customers the time and stress of coming to queue up in a banking hall.

Opening a GTBank online account is one of the fastest ways of getting an instant account that allows you transact funds instantly. You do not have to fill long forms of your information before you can get this instant account. All that is required are just some basic necessary details about you and your GTB online account would be opened instantly.

Procedure to open a GTBank online account

There are two methods of opening an online GTBank account. They are:

1. By using the GTBank Online Account Opening Form
2. By using the *737# mobile banking shortcode

Open a GTBank online account using the online account opening form: This is a very simple process and can be achieved in less than 10 minutes.

GTBank online account opening form

Click here to open the GTBank online account opening form and fill in your details, make sure to fill in your BVN if you already have one, else you may have to visit the bank once to get it. Submit the details you filled and wait for your account number (Nuban) to be sent to the phone number you just registered with.

Once your Nuban has been sent you can start transacting safely with your newly opened account with the *737* mobile GTBanking shortcode. This account may have some minor restrictions which may affect the maximum allowed balance, max deposit at a time, etc. All restrictions on the account can be removed by simply submitting a copy of your valid ID Card to the bank.

Open a GTBank online account using the *737* mobile banking ussd code: This is an alternative method for opening an online GTBank account without visiting a bank branch. All you need to do is dial *737*0# and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account, you would have to fill some necessary information about you. The whole process would surely be done in less than 5 minutes and your Nuban (Account No) would be sent to the mobile number you used in signing up.

How to use GTBank *737# banking

However, in this case, your account number may be the phone number but you just have to wait for it to be sent via SMS to your phone for confirmation. Once received, you can then go ahead and deposit or make a transfer to the account.

Services allowed on this type of account includes:
* Depositing of money for future use
* Transfer of funds to other accounts
* Buying of airtime online
* Purchase of tickets to events
* Booking of Hotels or reservations
* etc.

All the GTBank services listed above can be done via the *737* online banking shortcode without stress. That is the fun of having an online GTB account.

I do believe this post was well explained and can be understood by anybody. Moreover, the GTBank online account opening procedure is very simple and quick to finish. I expect your comments below if you have any problems with any of the methods I talked about, I would also truly appreciate it if you share this post with your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.
How To Parse Your Adsense Code To Work On All Blogger Themes

How To Parse Your Adsense Code To Work On All Blogger Themes

Today I want to provide a tip for bloggers on Google's Blogger platform, it is no other tip than how to paste your Google Adsense verification or ad code on a Blogger template HTML without getting an error.

how to fix error when pasting html codes on blogger template

If you blog on Google's Blogger platform and had ever tried to paste an Adsense verification code or any code that has its format, then you must have found out that your theme brings up an error.

Html codes that are formatted like that of Adsense are not to be posted on a blogger theme without passing through a process called "Parsing".  The word "Parse" can be simply defined as the process by which natural or human languages or symbols are converted into computer language.

We all are aware that Google Adsense made it clear that its ad code should not be manipulated or edited for any reason. However, Parsing a code doesn't edit it, it only translates it from the natural human language we understand into computer language that a computer would understand.

how to fix Blogger html error

It is natural for your Google Blogger theme to produce an error when you paste a code into the html without parsing. It produces that error because it may not have understood the symbols used in the code, therefore making it believe the codes are not correct.

Some months ago, I posted a fix for the error you get when you paste a code on Blogger html, that fix is still working very well and is the best alternative to parsing when pasting Adsense verification or ad codes. However, I do believe that method may not work with some other codes that are more complex than Adsense's because one might not know the right place to add the "Async" tag or the code may not work even with an async tag.

With that said, let's run down to the topic at hand. Parsing an html code is a very simple process, it may even be simpler than the other method I wrote about. Follow the instruction below to parse your Adsense or any other code that refuses to work on Blogger HTML.

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How To Parse An HTML Code To Work On Blogger Themes

Step 1: Get the html code you want to paste on your blogger theme. Make sure the code is correct and without any error or whatsoever.

How to parse adsense ad code

Step 2: Visit www.htmlparse.com, paste the code you want to parse inside the white blank box and click on the "Encode" option. The code would be parsed from the format it was when you pasted it into a format that would be understood by your Blogger template.

how to paste Adsense ad code on Blogger

Step 3: Now copy the parsed html code that was produced after you clicked on encode and paste it into your Blogger html. If you followed the procedure correctly you wouldn't receive an error and you can now save the changes you've made to your template.

Htmlparse is an online parsing tool that is built on the Blogger platform, its description "This online converter will convert your Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite and any HTML code into XML coding which is compatible with the Blogger templates" makes it understandable that the tool can be used to parse any code that needs to be parsed.

That is all about parsing an html code to work on a Blogger theme. As you have seen the process is a very simple one and can be done in less than a minute. However, the first method of pasting html codes on Blogger I posted some time ago may be your best bet if you feel the code you want to paste shouldn't be parsed.

Nov 29, 2017

Download Huawei HiLink Android App For Managing Huawei Internet Devices

Download Huawei HiLink Android App For Managing Huawei Internet Devices

Huawei Hilink is the one and probably the only Android application that can be used to manage and view the activities of any Huawei internet device. This application is available on Google's Playstore and can be downloaded for free. However, I have made it easier for you to get this application on your Android phone without having to sign into Playstore by providing a direct download link for you here.

Huawei Hilink Android App

Before scrolling down to download this app let's take some time to view and learn more about the features and uses of the Huawei Hilink application.

Features And How To Use The Huawei Hilink application on Android

1. You can use the app to check the number of devices connected to the MiFi device. All you have to do is connect your phone to the WiFi network open the Huawei Hilink application, a list of devices currently connected to the Huawei device would be displayed.

features of the huawei hilink app

2. You can check your data usage since the last reset from the application. This is displayed on the same page as the list of connected devices once you launch the application.

3. You can block devices from connecting to the Huawei device. This can be done by clicking on the device you want to restrict access to the WiFi from the list of connected devices and then use the "Block" option.

4. You can view the Battery and Network Signal strength of the device your phone is connected to. This is displayed near the top of the app's homepage.

5. You can send SMS commands from the app. This is located in the "Tools" tab.

how to manage a MiFI from an Android device

6. You can share files with other devices connected to the WiFi network by using the "Share" feature in the app.

7. You can connect to a Mifi by scanning its QR code using the built-in QR Code Scanner tool in the app.

8. You can view all the vital information of the Huawei internet device you're connected to by using the "Device Information" under Settings.

how to unlock an huawei mifi

9. One fascinating thing about this Huawei Hilink application is that you can use it to check if a Mifi has been unlocked or not. This is very easy to access because it shows up once you click the Settings button in the app.

Huawei MiFI APN settings

10. As expected, you can manage your APN settings, reset passwords, enable or disable mobile data connection on the MiFi from the apps "Network Settings" menu.

I believe that was interesting, wasn't it?

Now that we've known the uses and features of the Huawei Hilink mobile application it's time to download and start enjoying all of its wonderful features. Use the link below to download the latest version of the Huawei Hilink apk application file for your Android smartphone.

Download Huawei Hilink Apk (Latest)

For your information, the Huawei Hilink app works on any Android smartphone and can be used to control and monitor the following Huawei devices;

Mobile WiFi (E5 series): 
E5331, E5332, E5372, E5375, E5756
E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589
E5730, E5776, E5377, E5786, E5573
EC5321, EC5377U, E5771s

E8231, E8278, EC315, E355

E5186, E5170, B310, B315s,HWS31

Home routers:
WS318, WSR20, WS331a, WS331b, WS330, WS880, WS326, WS328, Honor Cube(WS860), WS831

That is all for now, do enjoy the rest of your day. Please make sure you share this article with your friends on social media, I also expect your comments.

Nov 27, 2017

Specs And Features Of The New Infinix Zero 5 Flagship Smartphone

Specs And Features Of The New Infinix Zero 5 Flagship Smartphone

Infinix Zero 5 is the latest Android smartphone from the Infinix phone brand, and trust me, it is worth a review. I presume we've all been following the Infinix Zero Series, from the "Zero 4" down to the Zero 4 Plus, and now the newest and awesome Zero 5.

Infinix Zero 5

This new Infinix Flagship makes a real difference in the line of Infinix Zero smartphones. This is because it has some astonishing and ever expected features that everyone would want to use. Without wasting your time, we are going to check out some of the features on this new Infinix Zero 5 to make sure they are worth the hype.

Specifications of the Infinix Zero 5

As expected, the Infinix Zero 5 has a metal body with a curved diamond design that makes it stand out. The display is a 5.98 inches Full 2.5HD Glass screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which according to Infinix is designed to consume less power. The display is also protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to save it from scratches and falls.

Guess what? The Camera of this phone is a gem as it bags a dual rear camera setup of 12MP plus 13MP to give you a perfect portrait mode. The front camera seems to be the real bomb or just another big bomb! Yes, because Infinix says it is a 16MP 4 in 1 selfie cam. You know what that means? Well, it means you can also take nice portraits with the selfie camera, interesting isn't it?. There's also a LED for the front camera to take photo shots at night, keeps getting better.

Infinix Zero 5 Specs

Now, what have you got to say about a phone that has 6GB of RAM? Awesome! With this phone, lag becomes a thing of the past. The 6GB RAM on this phone has also been well optimized for efficiency so you don't have to worry about any of your application force closing due to low available RAM memory.

A phone like the Infinix Zero 5 deserves to have a fast processor, and that means a very fast one. Well, Infinix played its role well on this one, they used a MediaTek Helio P25 processor chipset clocked at 2.6Ghz in making this flagship smartphone. The Helio P25 processor used in making this phone makes it possible for you to use the Dual Camera feature, perform tasks faster, and also charge your phone very fast with the Infinix Xcharge feature.

The onboard storage of this device is 64GB and can be expanded with a micro SD card. I forgot to mention that this phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with its own custom UI. There's a rear Fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE support, and USB Type C. It also has a big 4350mAh Battery to keep you going all day, with the X-Charge that gets the phone charged in no time.

Infinix Zero 5 features

For me, the most important and exciting thing about the Zero 5 is the new XOS 3.0 UI it ships with. Trust me, it is very much better than the previous XOS versions. This device ships in 4 colors which includes Red, Sandstone Black, Champagne Gold, and Bordeaux Rex, all 4 colors of the phone are truly sexy, especially the Red.

Lastly, I'm sure you're curious to know the price of the Infinix Zero 5. Well, the new Infinix Zero 5 is sold for $300, Rs 18000, or 120000 Naira.

That's all the review we can take on this smartphone, truly the phone has some impressive features. However, I urge you to stay back as we would be reviewing the bigger brother of this phone soon, I'm talking about the Infinix Zero 5 Pro. Stay posted by subscribing to our email newsletter so you don't miss out.

Nov 20, 2017

How To Enable Subtitles on Movies Using Mx Player Application

How To Enable Subtitles on Movies Using Mx Player Application

MX Player application is the best video player on Android, it is better than Android's stock video player. I got to know about this application last two years when I bought a tablet that had a very low speaker and I could barely hear the sound it produces. So I went on a search for an Android Speaker Enhancing app and I found MX Player among the search results and downloaded it. Since then, I've never used any new device for more than 2 weeks without installing the Mx player app.

how to enable movie subtitles on Mx Player

The app has a very beautiful though complex interface, but once you've used it for a week you should be able to know your way around the settings and options.

The app has lots of functions as a video player and also as an audio player. It supports and uses a Hardware tweak which is seen in the app as "HW " to optimize and increase the volume of your movies and music.

If I decide to talk about all the features you would find in Mx player then this post would probably not end in the next hour. So am just going to teach you how to activate and use one of its features which I believe most people would want to know about and that is "how to download and enable subtitles Mx-Player when watching a movie".

how to watch movies with subtitles on Android

Subtitles are those write-ups that appear on the screen when the character on the TV talks or probably a song playing in the background.

Subtitles are usually important to users that loves to watch movies which an unfamiliar language is spoken. It helps the person watching the movie to understand the conversation between the characters, even though he doesn't understand the language being spoken in the movie. It also helps people that have issues with hearing.

By default, all movies do not have subtitles enabled, and most of those movies without subtitles are better understood if they had a subtitle. So to make things convenient for everyone I would teach you how you can display subtitles on all your videos using Mx player app on your smartphone.

How to Enable Subtitles on any Movie Using MX Video Player

√ Open your Google Play Store and search for "MX Player", Download and install it.

√ Open the downloaded Mx player app and navigate to the folder where the movie you want to enable subtitles for is stored and click to open it.

√ With the video now playing, Click on the dots that are located at the top right of the app to open the Options menu.

√ From the options menu, Click on Subtitles and then on Online Subtitles and finally on Search.

√ Tick the option "Enter Your Search Text", The title of the movie you're watching would automatically appear there. You should change the text if you know the video wasn't correctly named, then type in the correct title of the movie in the box and click on Ok.

√ A search would be made for different subtitles that match the name of the movie you typed. Now you would select the one that matches the quality of the video you're watching, and also the language of the subtitle you desire.

√ Select and download your preferred subtitle. Once it's downloaded you can go back and watch your videos with your subtitles showing very neatly.

how to watch movies with subtitles on Mx player

You can change the font and design of the subtitles from the settings menu.

If the subtitle shows after or before the speeches are made in the movie, you can easily fix it by using the Synchronization option in the subtitles settings menu. 

You are free to contact me if you get stuck on any of the steps I explained above, I would be very glad to help.
APN Settings For Glo, 9Mobile, MTN, Airtel For Fast Internet Connection

APN Settings For Glo, 9Mobile, MTN, Airtel For Fast Internet Connection

apn settings for all Nigerian networks

Here are the APN settings for Glo, 9Mobile, MTN, and Airtel for the fastest internet connections. Most of the times we tend to search around for the suitable internet connections for our different mobile networks. On this post, you're gonna get the right APN settings for all Nigerian mobile networks.

glo apn settings

APN Settings For GLO Nigeria

APN: gloflat
Username: internet
Password: internet

9Mobile APN Settings

APN: 9mobile
Port: 8080

Check out all 9Mobile Data Plans here

APN Settings For MTN Nigeria

APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.com
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web

apn settings for Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria APN Settings

APN: internet.ng.airtel.com
Username: internet
Password: Internet

That's how to configure your phone's APN to browse the internet at maximum speed on Glo, MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel. Input only the provided settings for each network and leave the remaining spaces that were not provided.

Stay here as we keep you posted with lots of handy tips and tricks to help you enjoy Technology! Do share and comment.