Aug 21, 2017

Top 20 Call Center Memes On The Internet - Hilarious

Top 20 Call Center Memes On The Internet - Hilarious

Have you ever wondered what working in a call center feels like? Well these call center memes explains very much of how call center workers feel, though the images may be hilarious but they are true. If you've ever thought of a job that could get you bored or feel very stressed up at the end of each day then it's definitely gonna be working in a call center. Some centers like Leaseweb USA or MTN Nigeria with massive customers receive thousands if not millions of calls from customers each day. This explains why you wouldn't want to be the person at the answering end.

Check Out These Best 20 Call Center Memes Below:

call center memes


call center memes

  call center memes

  call center memes

  call center memes

  call center memes


  call center memes

  call center memes

  call center memes

call center memes


call center memes

call center memes

call center memes

call center memes

call center memes

call center memes

call center memes

call center memes


call center memes

Ref: Buzz

Haha, these call center memes are truly hilarious, i sure couldn't hold my chuckle. If these pictures here are what call center workers feel like then i don't think it's a nice job, or what do you think?

Let's have some fun now, all work and no play makes jack a dull is still an active saying. Share this post and drop your comments to keep the fun going.

Aug 19, 2017

Psiphon A+ Pro Handler Apk Download (Latest Version)

Psiphon A+ Pro Handler Apk Download (Latest Version)

Psiphon A+ Pro Handler VPN is a free open-source internet tunneling tool that enables you to access blocked websites through its servers. Psiphon gives free internet access and freedom to millions of people all over the world by providing an avenue to browse and download from censored websites. Psiphon windows and Android VPN apps have been in existence and use for a very long-time now, and this is one of the reasons different people from diverse countries trust its web protection and tunneling services.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to download and install
  • Free of bugs
  • Best servers for stable connection
  • Hides your IP and makes you anonymous online
What to know about Psiphon A+ Pro Handler VPN

Psiphon VPN is the best VPN for accessing blocked, censored and websites locked to a particular country or location. It allows you access these sites by tunneling your internet connection and applications from the insecure gateway to its secure portal. Psiphon A+ Pro Handler is best used when using free WiFi networks or untrusted connections and all its services are free.

All the versions of Psiphon Handler VPN for Android and Psiphon for windows are easy to use, it turns your normal internet connection into a proxy server that allows you browse with total freedom irrespective of your location, region or service provider. Psiphon A+ Pro Handler encrypts connections of millions of people around the world and secures their browsing data in its safe database. You can create different user accounts with passwords which only you and whom you wish to share it with would know and be able to get access to the Psiphon server.


Download Link

Also Download
AbokiFX Todays Dollar Pound Euro To Naira Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market

AbokiFX Todays Dollar Pound Euro To Naira Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market

Get today's exchange rates, updated daily from Abokifx. Exchange rates of Naira to a dollar, pound, and euro. AbokiFX is a Nigerian website that has gone viral by its publishing of Nigeria's Naira exchange rate to different major currencies such as the Dollar, Pound, and Naira.


Many of us are either into Online Sells, Imports and Exports, Bureau De Change and others. All these require you to always stay updated with the current conversion rate of Naira to the currencies you exchange with.

Abokifx would provide you with that information you need, be it individual banks exchange rates, Black market rates, CBN rates and even BDC rates.

However, this post would be updated Daily with the current exchange rates of Naira to all the mentioned major currencies ( Dollar, Pound, and Euro ) to make it easier for you to stay updated with what's going on with Nigeria's currency and other countries currencies.

Today's (20/08/2017) AbokiFx Dollar, Pound and Euro Exchange Rate To Naira

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N366 Sell @ N370

Pound to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N470 √ @ Sell @ N475

Euro to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N427 Sell @ N432

I believe this information would be very useful to anyone who deals with foreign currencies like Google Adsense participants as it would enable them to know the rate at which they would be paid.

Come Back Tomorrow For Tomorrow's Exchange Rates! Naira is our Voice.

Aug 15, 2017

Tecno Spark Plus K9 Specifications

Tecno Spark Plus K9 Specifications

Tecno Spark Plus also is known as Tecno K9 is a bigger version of Tecno Spark K7. Tecno Spark Plus K9 is a perfect solution for users who may not be satisfied with the mid-range specifications found on the Tecno Spark K7. This is because the first has a bigger Display, Battery and even a better and faster CPU processing power.

Tecno Spark Plus

This Tecno Spark Plus K9 houses a 6.0-inches display which is bigger than the 5 inches display we saw on the Tecno Spark. Other noticeable differences include a 1.5Ghz Octa-core CPU and a 3400mAh battery. Aside from these features and some new colors on the plus, you may not find any reason to choose the Tecno K9 over the Tecno K7. Especially when you consider that the Tecno Spark Plus would sell at a higher price than its smaller variant.

These two devices are the latest mobile phones from Tecno Mobile so if you're a fan of the mobile phone manufacturing company then you may go for either of the new smartphones. If you're patient enough you could wait for these new Tecno phones to be featured in any of the upcoming Mobile phone deals, such as the Jumia Mobile Week we enjoyed some months ago so you can buy them at a cheaper price.

Tecno Spark Plus K9 Specifications and Price

Dual SIM
2G/3G/4G Support
Android 7.0 Nougat OS

Display: 6.0 inches IPS Touch-screen
Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels
Dimensions: 162 x 82.6 x 7.75 mm
Metal Body
Colors: Elegant Blue, Anthracite Grey, Champagne Gold, Scarlet Red

Rear Camera: 13 MP, Led Flash
Front Camera: 5 MP, Led Flash

CPU: Mediatek 1.5GHz Octa-core processor
GPU: Mali T720
Internal Storage: 16 GB (Ext. SD support)

Battery: 3400 mAh (Li-Ion)
Fast Charging: not supported


Fingerprint Sensor
FM Radio

Expected release date: before October

Tecno Spark Plus K9 Price: Yet to be announced.

Let's stay online till this new awesome Android mobile cell phones are up for sale online, then we shall also update this post with the price, don't fail to remind us to do so if we forget. Let's hear your thought.
Tecno Spark K7 Specs And Features

Tecno Spark K7 Specs And Features

Tecno Spark K7 is one of the new smartphones with good specifications that would soon be added to the list of Tecno android phones. This Tecno K7 cell phone is the smaller variant of the Tecno K9 which is also known as Tecno Spark Plus. These new Tecno phones were produced with specs that you would surely admire, they both also are expected to launch with pocket-friendly prices befitting the features they pack.

Tecno spark

The Tecno Spark K7 which is our concentration on this post is a mid-range android smartphone with moderate specifications. Though it is a moderate phone in terms of specs, there are lots of features it harbors that makes it stand out from the list of ordinary Tecno Android phones. We hope to see this Tecno K7 android cell phone in the market before October 2017 so we could have a feel of its wonderful specifications discussed below.

For a device of its class, it comes with a 5.5-Inch display, the body is made of metal designed with colors of either Champagne Gold, Metallic Red, Phantom Black or Coral Blue The phone, however, looks pleasantly good irrespective of the color you purchase. It has a Fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone (top center), it also runs on Android 7.0 Nougat as expected. You enjoy this phone since it has interesting features that include a 1GB/2GB RAM variants, 16GB Internal Memory with Ext SD Card support. Its 1.3GHz Octa-core CPU is the feature that blew my mind about this latest mobile phone Tecno is getting ready to unveil soon.

I know the selfie Queens and Kings are already itching to know the camera quality of this Tecno K7 smartphone but unfortunately, you may not be impressed by what it is offering, though it has a better camera than over sixty percent of phones in its class. A 13MP Rear Camera plus 5MP Front Camera isn't really a bad idea for a new Tecno phone that is expected to be sold at a cheap price. I'm also sure you're going to get over every fault you may have found on this phone's features when you find out it has 4G Support for most popular bands and frequency, a 3000mAh Battery powers all the components in this android mobile phone.

I know I can keep talking about the expected specifications of this latest Tecno phone that would possibly be sold on this year's Jumia Black Market sales and many other mobile phone deals, but I would like to stop here while you take a look at the summary of this phone's features below.

Summary of Tecno Spark (Tecno K7) Specifications

✓✓2G/3G/4G Support
Dual SIM Support
OS: Android 7.0 Nougat

Dimensions: 153 x 76.4 x 7.9 mm
Metal Build
5.5-inches IPS Touch-screen Do
Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels

✓✓Back Camera: 13 MP, Led Flash
Front Camera: 5 MP, Led Flash

✓✓RAM: 1 GB/2 GB
Internal Storage: 16 GB (SD Card support)
CPU: Mediatek 1.3 GHz Octa-core processor
GPU: Mali T720

✓✓Battery: 3000 mAh
Battery Type: Li-Ion

✓✓Bluetooth: Supported
WiFi: Supported
MicroUSB: Yes
Fingerprint Sensor: Yes (Rear)
FM Radio: Yes

Price of Tecno Spark K7: Not yet disclosed

The Tecno K7 and K9 android devices are likely to be sold upon its launch on any of mobile phone deal on Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, Slot or some other online mobile phone market. This is good news for us that buy mobile phones online which is most of the considered as the best phone buying practice.

Aug 12, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads From News Feed

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads From News Feed

Facebook ads eating up your data? Worry no more on how to get rid of Facebook ads on your news feed. By following the simple steps provided below you would be able to block those Facebook ads and no longer see them on your profile. Though Facebook ads are usually personalized and served according to the interest of the user, sometimes it gets annoying just like most android ads. High data consumption may also be your reason for wanting to disable ads, especially when you want to save data so you could chat with friends, families or colleagues. Whichever be the case, there's a work around for it below.

how to get rid of facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world, many believe it is the most popular and you shouldn't blame them because I also share in their thought. Users of Facebook has grown massively over the years, and by this increase, the quest for how to get rid of ads on Facebook has also increased. This is because not too many people want any interference when they are focused on something else even though the platform doesn't use pop up ads. While many seek to know how to block ads on Facebook so they can possibly reduce the amount of data it consumes.

There are lots of methods to get rid of ads on Facebook, and here I am going to provide the two most recommended way to do it. I'm sure you already know you can't disable Facebook ads from your account settings because Mark Zuckerberg has to make some more money. The methods we're going to make use of here are not officially supported by Facebook or its affiliates, so I advise you keep viewing the ads if it doesn't affect you negatively.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads

Before scrolling down to the list of extensions you can use to block Facebook ads on your account, you should follow the two simple steps below to disable and opt out of Facebook social advertisements. This would prevent Facebook from tracking your account and showing you ads they feel would be of interest to you. However, you should note that this wouldn't totally stop ads from displaying on your News feed.

How to opt out of Facebook social adverts:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and hover on the drop down menu icon at the top right of your Facebook page. Click on "Settings" and then on "Facebook Ads"

Step 2: Under "Ad Settings", select "Off" on "Ads based on your use of websites and apps". Select "No" on "Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies", and finally set "Ads with your social actions" as "No One" to completely disable social advertising on Facebook.

How to get rid of ads on Facebook using Adblock extensions:

There are lots of Adblock extensions you can use on your favorite browsers to disable ads on Facebook. Two of such recommended Adblock browser extensions are AdGuard AdBlocker and GreaseMonkey.

greasemonkey for chrome

Grease Monkey is a very popular Firefox extension, aside from blocking ads on Facebook, it has other amazing features which would surely amaze you. Greasemonkey is not officially available on Chrome browser but "Tampermonkey", a similar extension of it, serves the same purpose.

Adguard AdBlocker plus is available in both Firefox and Chrome. It is very simple to use and also has a nice interface with visible navigation.


If you followed the steps I provided and/or downloaded any of the ad blockers I recommended then you should be smiling because you just got rid of those annoying ads. Maybe if you give this a second thought you may decide to let go of the process and let the ads be, since revenue generated from businesses advertising on Facebook helps Mark keep the platform stable and release regular updates with bug fixes.

What do you think? Yeah or Nah?
Let us hear from you on in the comments, don't forget to share.

Aug 9, 2017

MTN Double Data Bonus Activation Via SMS

MTN Double Data Bonus Activation Via SMS

MTN double data bonus plan is now easy to activate without tweaking your phone's imei number. There is now a simpler method for subscribing to this MTN 100% data bonus plan, this new method only requires you to send some texts to 131.

MTN double data

For people like me who enjoyed this plan when it was still hard to get because you must analyze and tweak the IMEI of your phone to that of a supported device in order to be eligible for the data bonus offer. Fortunately for those who may not have been able to make use of the bonus data either because they weren't able to analyze an unused and valid IMEI number or couldn't tweak the IMEI on their phone due to it not been rooted or some other reason, now there's a simpler method that doesn't require imei tweak to work.

The requirements for eligibility on this bonus data plan is yet to be fully understood, however, it has been noticed that not all SIMs are eligible for the offer even after following the procedure correctly and sending the right messages.

You shouldn't also bother activating this plan on a SIM you've used to enjoy it when it was only acquirable through imei tweak.

How To Subscribe for MTN Double Data Plan via SMS

Send the SMS commands below in the order they are arranged, you should receive either two or three replies after sending all the commands, though it is advisable for you to wait until you've received the reply for the first command before going ahead to send the second and third.

Send these SMS commands to 131 with your MTN SIM

1. DOUBLE to 131
2. PROMO to 131
3. FREE to 131

The last reply you would receive after sending the last command should be:

"Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#"

MTN data bonus

If you received that reply it means you are eligible and can now enjoy the 100% data bonus on any MTN Data plan you purchase through the *131*1# shortcode.

It is advisable that you test to confirm if the trick is really working by subscribing for a cheap daily data bundle and check if you were given the 100% bonus. You can subscribe to an eligible data plan by dialing *131*1#, you can also check your data balance by sending 2 to 131 or dial *559*4# to check your data bonus balance.

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Aug 5, 2017

Gen Game S3 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Guide And Review

Gen Game S3 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Guide And Review

Gen Game S3

Gen Game S3 is a cheap wireless Bluetooth gamepad that works on Android, iOS, Windows, Game Console, TV, and other operating systems. This game-pad works both as a game controller and a mouse for the mentioned OSes. You would surely love this gadget for its affordability, durability and cool design.

Features Of Gen Game S3
  • Beautiful Design
  • Durable Build
  • Multiple Connection Modes
  • Led Indicator
  • Cheap but Durable
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Auto-Mapped Keys
  • Connects Fast on all devices
  • 3 Connection Types
The Gen-Game S3 controller is a beautiful sleek looking gadget for Gamers, it has a phone bracket which you hook onto the gamepad and to your phone, thereby giving you a handled game experience.
Despite the low price of this wireless controller, it doesn't have that cheap stuff feeling, it feels and looks very much like every other console controller. It is not heavy, I can say it is light weight but this shouldn't give you the impression that it would shatter if it falls.

Gen Game S3 Review

There are different connection modes on this Bluetooth gamepad for different devices, you can connect it to your Android phone, iPhone or PC via Bluetooth or the wireless USB Receiver.

There's a special USB Receiver that allows you use this gamepad on PC, though you can easily connect the controller to your PC via Bluetooth if it's supported. Lot's of laptops these days do come with Bluetooth support so you may not need the USB Receiver to connect the gamepad to a PC or probably have no problems using it on your PC, as far as it has Bluetooth support.

Gen Game S3 Connection Modes

1. Controller Mode
2. Control Mode (Mouse  Multimedia)
3. iOS Third Party Control (XinYou platform)
4. iCade Mode (Apple Mode)

Controller (Handle) Mode: This is the controller mode, when the Gen Game S3 is in this mode it works as a game controller for any device it is connected to via Bluetooth. This mode is the best mode for Android devices, PCs or TV Box with Bluetooth feature. The upper left Led on the gamepad would be on when it is in handle mode.

Control Mode: The gamepad on this mode works very much as a Mouse or a media controller, you can navigate, launch applications, and control your media player on the connected device when the gamepad is in this mode. The gamepad is in control when the upper right Led stays on.

iOS Third Party Control: This mode enables you to control and perform special iOS operations ssuch as XinYou, the steady light of the lower right Led indicates the gamepad is in this mode.

iCade Mode: This is the mode the gamepad has to be when you want to play games on your iPhone or iPad. You would surely enjoy your iOS games with this gamepad mode without blocking part of the display with your fingers. The gamepad is on Apple mode when the lower left Led is on.

How To Connect Gen Game S3 To Any Device
  1. Bluetooth Connection: Allows you connect to any device with Bluetooth support
  2. Wireless USB Connection: Connect the gamepad wirelessly to a Desktop Computer, Television, Box etc. using the supplied BM - 703 mini USB Receiver (ordered separately).
  3. Wired USB Connection: Connect the gamepad to the female USB port of your PC, Tv, Android (Via OTG) etc. It also charges the gamepad as you play.
How to connect the Gen Game S3 to Android or other OS via Bluetooth: While the gamepad is off, hold down the X button and the Home button, the four LEDs should start flashing very fast. Now turn your Android's Bluetooth on and search for a new device, the gamepad would either appear as Gen Game or some strings of codes with a keyboard icon. Click on it to pair, after that it would connect to the gamepad and the upper right Led would light up.

Android Game Controller

How to connect Gen Game S3 to iOS Third Party Mode: While it is off, hold down the Y key plus Home key for 5 seconds. Turn on your Bluetooth and you should see a newly available device labeled as "Newgamepad N1'.

How to connect Gen Game S3 to Apple iCade Mode: Turn the device off by holding down the home key for 5 seconds, now press down the B and Home keys on the gamepad for 5 seconds. Search for new Bluetooth devices on your iPhone or iPad and you should find a new gamepad device.

How to connect Gen Game S3 to PC or TV with the Wireless USB Receiver: Plug in the BM - 703 mini USB receiver into a female USB port on your PC or TV and hold down the Select plus Home buttons, the gamepad would immediately connect to the receiver automatically.

How to connect Gen Game S3 Gamepad via Wired USB Connection: Plug in the male part of the USB cord supplied with the gamepad into your PC or other devices with a female USB port and plug in the mini USB end into the gamepad. Press the Start button on the game-pad to start using it on the connected device.

Bluetooth controller

Note that these setup instructions and connection guides also applies to older and newer models of the Gen Game S3, such as the older Gen Game T3 and the newest Gen Game S5.

Gen Game S3 Special Features

1. Tapping on the home button automatically connects it to the device it was last connected to
2. Lights flash slowly when charging and go off when fully charged
3. When disconnected the lights would flash for one minute then go off
4. When connected but no action in 5 minutes the gamepad goes to sleep
5. Led flashes while in connected state if the battery is low

Wireless gamepad

Gen Game S3 Specifications
Dimension: 15*10. 5*5. 4CM
Weight: light
Colors: Black and White
Works on: Android/iOS/PS3/TV/Windows
Battery: 400 mA (Charges fast but last long)
Current when connected: 20 - 40 mA
Current when working: 10 to 30 mA
Sleeping current: 2 uA

Whats In The Box
1 Gen Game S3 wireless gamepad
1 USB Cord for charging
1 User Manual
1 USB Receiver (If ordered)
1 Phone Hanger (If ordered)

iPad game controller
Apple tv game controller

Where to buy the Gen Game S3 Wireless Controller
The Gen Game S3 wireless gamepad costs between $9 to $15, it depends on the store and items you order. You can order it now from Jumia for N3,400 or click here to order it from AliExpress.

Watch a Video and Image Slideshow Review Of Gen Game S3 Below

I would publish a list of Android games you can play with this game pad soon if the need arises. The rest assured that this gamepad works with all GTA games and most Android emulators including PPSSPP, the amazing thing is that the buttons are auto mapped so you don't have to stress yourself mapping the keys manually. Keep the fun going by sharing this post and also drop your comments below.

Aug 2, 2017

Best Free TV Series Download Sites

Best Free TV Series Download Sites

Search no more for where to download TV shows, series, drama or film episodes, because I have listed the best free tv series download sites here. These sites do not only allow you download series online for free rather they enable to all categories of movies online. You can also enjoy watching the tv shows and series downloaded from these sites provided below on your television set via HDMI, Google ChromeCast or any other device that allows you share your phone's screen to a bigger screen e.g television, PC.

On this list below are different sites that you can download movies online for free, take your time to try them one after the other so you can be sure of which would be your favorite.

Best Free TV Series Download Sites

1. O2TVSeries
O2tvseries is a popular website that has loads of seasonal movies and series that you can download to your phone or computer in different video formats which includes mp4 and HD. Believe me, when I tell you the TV series and seasonal movies on this sites would overwhelm you, the gallery is updated daily with new episodes as they arrive.

Download TV series for free

2. Wap TV Series
Wap TV Series website would take away the question of "where can I download tv series for free" from your mouth and mind, you know why? This is because on Wap TV Series you get access to different kinds of movies that include TV shows, Hollywood movies, Funny videos, Whatsapp videos, WWE and so on, all in mp4 format for good video quality.

Download movies online free

3. HDTV Shows
The name of this site tells you everything you should expect to get from it. The site offers mp4 videos though in HD quality of India and English TV shows for free. The website is fast, easy to navigate, search and download from.

download shows

This is one nice website that a large collection of TV series that you can either watch or download online for free. The position of this site on this list shouldn't be considered because the setup, design, movies gallery plus every other thing on this website would make you love it. The fact that this site is updated hourly with the latest and trending movie series, episodes and shows is one unique thing that would get you addicted to it. Information about the movies on the site is also viewable, such as the cast, director, year of production etc.

Free tv series download sites

5. Sky Cinema
Let's assume you're in for latest movies and you need a site that you can rely on for these movies, Sky Cinema wouldn't be a bad choice. If you're already used to downloading movies on Showbox then you would surely love this site the interface and movie arrangement looks a little bit like Showbox. New movies are added on a daily, categorized and uploaded for you to download for free. Cinema movies are downloadable on this site, alongside series and TV shows, all for free.

Download series online

6. Storify
Whether you only want to download series online, TV shows for free, news or fun videos, you would find them all on Storify. This site uses a secure Https connection to secure your device from hacks, malware or the internet transmitted virus (I.T.V). Movies on this site are in mp4 format and easily downloadable, while users of the website are also able to upload a video recording of events and happenings as stories.

Where can i download tv series for free

7. MovieMp4HD
This is a site I love for many reasons and most of the movies I watch on my phone, tablet or some other mobile device are usually downloaded from here. The movies here are categorized into Hollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed, South Hindi Dubbed, Punjabi Movies and WWE Shows. The probability of anyone getting bored on this site is zero because you must surely find a movie of your interest since all categories of them are here.

where to download tv shows

8. FzMovies
Do you want to download movies online for free to your PC? or you want the latest action, horror, drama or some other category of movie that you can watch on big screen and still get the premium video quality you deserve, FzMovies is surely where you should visit for all those.
At FzMovies, you can download all sorts of videos in HD quality for your wide-screen TV, PC or even project it for crowd view and it wouldn't fade in quality or blur out.

where to download free tv shows

9. MobTvSeries
Whether you want to watch or download TV shows and series online for free in either mp4, HD or Avi format, MobTvSeries is the right choice. Here you can stream and download seasonal movies in episodes for your mobile devices in any format you desire for free. Always visit this site to check for that movie series that was announced to launch soon because it would be uploaded here as soon it's available.

where to download tv shows for mobile

Bonus: Showbox
Showbox is a free movie streaming and downloading application that is available for almost all operating systems of PCs and mobile devices. It is the best video application you can get and be satisfied with, in other words, it is your number stop location for entertainment.
Though we have lots of amazing sites on this list, however, it is still my opinion that Showbox offers more and in a more accessible way than many of the sites listed. Though Showbox hasn't been officially released for iPhone, here is a list its alternatives which include Moviebox for iPhone that works and serves the same purpose as it.

showbox iPhone

I trust and believe the websites on this list would serve and satisfy you and stop you from asking of where to download tv shows. All the mentioned sites are reliable in terms of downloading series, shows, and seasonal movies online for free. Please don't hesitate to report non-working link, typo or no longer existing website to us via the comment box. Enjoy your day.

Aug 1, 2017

Contechs Blog Whatsapp Group Is Live And Active - Join Now

Contechs Blog Whatsapp Group Is Live And Active - Join Now

You can now join Contechs Blog Live on Whatsapp and be getting the latest and trending tech gist, latest browsing tips, tutorials, reviews, fix for phone and gadget issues, android guide and how-tos, data bundles information on all networks and all sorts of tech information.

Contechsblog whatsapp group

Being a member of the Whatsapp group would give you the opportunity to get the latest posts and information early and also give you a chance to meet with other Techies whom you can consult if you have any issue on your device or a particular free browsing tweak.

Free Browsing Whatsapp group

You would be welcomed by the group Admin ( Confy Scenty ) also the rules of the group would be sent to you. The rules aren't hard to keep, just normal rules that every standard organization needs to abide by.

Goodies are part of every gathering but the goodies that would be presented to you if you perform well in the group is yet to be announced, so you have to put in your best and don't be a bully.

The Whatsapp group link is not shared so it doesn't get into the wrong hands, am sure you wouldn't want to be in a tech group where lots of spammers are present to constantly send irrelevant kinds of stuff. That's the reason we can't give out the link so we can maintain a very neat and quiet environment in the group.

How to join the group?

Contechsblog group

Well you can join in two ways, either by;

√ Commenting with your Name and Phone Number and say "Add Me"


√ You Chat the Admin up on Whatsapp with 09025331365 and you would be added.

I look forward to getting your comments and messages.
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