Jul 21, 2017

Download Showbox For iPhone And iPad (iOS) For Movie Series

Download Showbox For iPhone And iPad (iOS) For Movie Series

Showbox is unarguably one of the best movie application for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac PC devices, you should download Showbox for iPhone to stream latest movie series. Showbox on iPhone allows you watch latest series movies right on your device by just making some few clicks. You also get to watch and download TV shows for free on the app.

Showbox iPhone

iPhones and iPads have proved themselves worthy of being called the most expensive and valuable devices ever used. It is a proved fact that any device which runs on iOS tends to be costly and valued at the same time. Apple Inc. established its company in a very dynamic way and with the development of iPhones and iPads the company has come up to the limelight.

Different kinds of people use these iPhones for different purposes, this is usually because these devices were made to serve almost every purpose. iPhones can serve different purposes ranging from gaming, browsing, streaming, file management and lots more. There are very few tasks one could say an iPhone or iPad can't handle because they were made and known to be versatile, little wonder they are sold for such amount of dollars.

The categories of people that make use of iPhones and iPads cannot be fully listed. Business owners, CEOs, and professionals make use of these iOS devices in their offices and companies at large. Some staffs of companies in the United States have been known for being diehard fans of the mobile operating system. These users are usually satisfied with the responsiveness and speed of the smartphone so they decide to make it a priority rather than an option.

It may also be of interest to you to know that iPhones and iPads have been known to perform lots of features with the user applications which can be downloaded from the App Store. The App Store is the mobile market for iOS devices just as we have Google Play store on Android. Applications of different categories and functions can be downloaded from the app store to add more features and enhance productivity on iOS smartphones.

Showbox is a free movie streaming and downloading application that gives users access to a wide range of videos which includes latest movie series, TV series, seasonal films and TV shows. Many say it is the best movie downloading app on iPhone, Android and PC as well. This is because aside from giving users free access to movies the application also has lots of functions and a stunning design that you can never get bored with.

Not many apps can give you access to trailers of upcoming movies, allows you download free TV shows, movies series and many others. This is why Showbox for iPhone, Android and PC stands out because it delivers all the services mentioned above by allowing you stream and download them all for free. I shared a tutorial some time ago on how to download movies from Showbox on Android, I suggest you check it out if you're using Android device because it contains the link to download Showbox apk for Android and step by step guide to downloading from the app.

Sadly, an official Showbox app download for iPhone is yet to be released therefore Showbox apk iPhone application is not yet available on App store. This means that for you to use the features and benefits of the movie app you may have to download a Showbox alternative for iPhone, the three best alternatives to Showbox on iPhone are Movie BoxPopcorn Time and PlayBox HD. They function as Showbox apk iPhone because of the multiple features like downloading and streaming of movies they offer, they are indeed the best Showbox alternatives for any iOS device.

Moviebox iPhone

Download and Install Showbox on iPhone (Moviebox for iPhone)

To install Showbox on iPhone (Moviebox iPhone) you would have to disable the third party application scanner on your device. Go to Settings - Additional Settings - Privacy - Device Administration - Scan Third Party Apps. From the drop down options select Don't Use, this would disable the 10 seconds timer that prevents you from installing an application from an external source on your iPhone or iPad.

Movie Box, as I said earlier, is Showbox apk for iPhone, this is because it packs all the features found on Showbox and also has a very appealing UI. If you're looking for a Showbox alternative that looks very much like the original then it's definitely going to be Movie Box iPhone. It has a search box for easier navigation and has lots of videos too, though Showbox has more HD videos that it does, but if you're cool with 720p movies you shouldn't have a problem using it.

Download Moviebox for iPhone and iPad

Popcorn Time iPad


Popcorn Time is one of the oldest and reliable Showbox alternatives. Though its interface may not look much like that of Showbox, it sure has all the major features needed for efficient streaming and downloading of movies, series and TV shows for free.

You can stream and download different category of movies with the simple UI and excellent navigation with a search box on the app. Popcorn Time iPhone application is best used for streaming.

Download Popcorn Time for iPhone and iPad for Movie streaming.

Playbox iPad


Playbox for iPhone can be said to be one alternative to Showbox application that looks very much like the official Showbox. It looks classic and feels the same way,  you won't find much difference between it and Movie Box except the blue theme it uses rather than the usual black on Movie Box.

It represents a perfect iOS version of Showbox and has lots of HD movies to keep you entertained all day long. It's streaming connection is mostly stable and doesn't buffer once the internet connection is fast, the application was well developed and is very smooth as the result of that.

Download PlayBox HD for iPhone and iPad

These 3 Showbox alternatives I've talked about are the best in terms of features, similarity, and efficiency. They are also available for Android, Windows and Mac PC, you can install the apk on PC with BlueStacks. There are still lots of other Showbox alternatives and I would post a review of them soon.

It is also advised you use a VPN connection when streaming movies on smartphone applications to secure and hide your identity from possible hackers who may try to steal your personal information by hacking through the apps. I recommended Psiphon VPN if you're on a low budget, you can check out its best versions for streaming and tunneling here.

That's all for now. Please use the share buttons to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and all the rest to keep the fun and entertainment going, more Showbox iPhone updates to be posted soon.

Jul 19, 2017

Glo Free Browsing Reloaded With Tweakware Import Tweak

Glo Free Browsing Reloaded With Tweakware Import Tweak

Glo free browsing cheat is back and blazing fast with tweakware import tweak, you can browse and download with this cheat if you have good coverage in your location or boost the speed with this high speed settings, else you may continue to experience the slow internet speed Glo is known for.

glo free browsing cheat

We have been enjoying this Glo free browsing on Tweakware 6.4 with free servers but this time we are going to work with Premium servers because they seem to be the remedy to the frequent disconnections we experience while downloading.

With that said, am sure you now understand what the requirements for this Glo browsing cheat would be. This is actually not the first time we're making use of the tweakware import tweak, remember we used the it for Etisalat free browsing some time ago before it got blocked,  it's a good thing to have it back on Glo.

Without any more delay, let's head over to configuring our tweakware android app to work with this free cheat, though not totally free considering the fact that it requires a premium account.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat Requirements
1. Tweakware 6.4 apk
2. Glo SIM with 0 airtime and data balance (3G Sim preferably)
3. Default Glo Flat or Glo Secure APN settings
4. Tweakware custom tweak - Download Here
5. Tweakware Premium subscription

How To Subscribe For Tweakware Premium Account

✓ Visit Tweakware Official Website, Click on My Account and create a new account
✓ Click on Buy Premium after successfully creating your account
✓ Select the Tweakware package and your desired duration, it could either be 1 Month ($ 3 or #500) or 3 Months($7 or #1500)
✓ You can pay online with your Debit Card or you can perform a mobile or bank transfer to the account shown on the web page
✓ Make sure you follow the instructions on the page carefully if you're using the mobile or bank transfer option, once successful your account would be upgraded to premium.

N/B: Those already on our WhatsApp group without premium subscriptions should keep calm, premium details would be made available in the group.

How To Setup Glo Tweakware Import Tweak Free Browsing

* Open your tweakware android application, click on Settings and select Account settings, input your premium account username and password.

glo tweakware setings

* Go back to settings and click on Import Tweak, navigate to the directory you saved the custom tweak you had downloaded, click on it to import.... You should see a success message if the import is successful.

* Back to the homepage, click on the spanner icon and select Import Tweak (not Glo 0.0)

glo free browsing tweak

* Select your preferred premium server (servers with a star icon) and click the Connect button, it should connect in less than 20 secs.

How To Use Glo Tweakware VPN Free Browsing On PC

Follow this procedure to use any free browsing cheat on PC

Note: Just as i had said earlier, the stability and speed of this Glo free browsing depends on the network coverage in your location.

Keep checking back for a new settings and tweaks for free browsing on android. I hope you saw the share buttons? Now do well to share this post to your friends and family.

Jul 18, 2017

15 All Time Best PSP Games List For PPSSPP Emulator

15 All Time Best PSP Games List For PPSSPP Emulator

Here is a comprehensive post of highly compressed 15 all time Best PSP Games List to download for PPSSPP Emulator on Android and PC, these games listed here are the most downloaded in the Top 5 PSP ROM sites. This games also top the list of most played games on the PSP console and on emulators, both on PC and smartphones.

best psp games list

We have played lots of interesting games on PSP, back then we all had our favorite games that brings us out any boredom we may be at any moment. When the PSP console became quite old to play games on a daily, we had to continue playing those games we loved so we hooked up emulators on our smartphones.

One of these emulators that brought back the fun games we played in our childhood days to our present age is the PPSSPP Emulator. The ppsspp is a PSP emulator that is available for different mobile and desktop operating systems, it has so far proved to be the best PSP emulator available.

Now lets head over to the topic of the best psp games list that can be played on android with the ppsspp emulator, the games in the list are of different categories which includes Action, Adventure, Sports, Shooter, etc.

Best PSP Games List Download Links For PPSSPP Emulator
1. God Of War - Ghost Of Sparta - Click Here to Download Ghost of Sparta ISO (908 MB)

2. Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories - Click Here to Download GTA - Vice City Stories ISO (558 MB)

3. Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai - Click Here to Download Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai ISO (168 MB)

4. Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories - Click Here to Download GTA - Liberty City Stories ISO (428 MB)

5. Assassin Creed - Bloodlines - Click Here to Download Assassin Creed - Bloodlines ISO (420 MB)

6. Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Impact - Click Here to Download Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Impact ISO (913 MB)

7. God Of War - Chains Of Olympus - Click Here to Download GOW - Chains Of Olympus ISO (1.01 GB)

8. Pro Evolution Soccer - Download PES 2018 ISO

9. Tekken 6 - Click Here to Download Tekken 6 ISO (735 MB)

10. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 - Click Here to Download WWE S vs. R 2011 ISO (1 GB)

11. Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Heroes - Click Here to Download Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Heroes ISO (159 MB)

12. Need For Speed - Most Wanted 5-1-0 - Click Here to Download NFS - Most Wanted ISO (140 MB)

13. FIFA Street 2 - Click Here to Download FIFA Street 2 ISO (193 MB)

14. Mortal Kombat - Unchained - Click Here to Download Mortal Kombat - Unchained ISO (798 MB)

15. Crash of the Titans - Click Here to Download Crash of the Titans ISO (483 MB)

Link Credit: Coolrom

The 15 games listed above tops the list of best psp games for ppsspp emulator for any OS, especially Android and Windows since both of them are the currently the most popular operating systems now.

The games are highly compressed in .7z formats, you would require a 7zip extractor to extract it. I recommend 7-Zipper application, you can get it on your android device via Playstore and PC via this link.

How To Extract and Play PSP ROM Files on PPSSPP

  • Install the download 7-Zipper application
  • Open it and navigate to the folder where you stored the PSP Rom to be extracted
  • Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully extract the ISO file from the compressed 7-zip
  • Open your PPSSPP Emulator, locate the folder you saved the extracted ISO and click on it to start playing
  • Make sure you setup your PPSSPP with these settings for smooth gameplay, else you might experience larges and cliches when playing large games like God of war or WWE.
I'm sure you had a nice time going through this PSP games list, i hope you've downloaded enough games to keep you busy through the rest of the day. Android users whom aren't fans of emulators and game files can download GTA 5 android apk and data here or possibly go for First touch soccer 2018 if you're a football fan, do enjoy your time and please don't fail to share.

Jul 16, 2017

Glo 8 Times Bonus When You Recharge Via E Top-Up

Glo 8 Times Bonus When You Recharge Via E Top-Up

Glo is giving out 8 times bonus (8x) of subscribers recharge value in data and voice when they use the E Top-up recharge service, this bonus offer is available to both new and existing customers, it also applies to all the E top-up channels discussed below.

glo 8 times bonus

E Top-Up as they call it is a service that allows subscribers recharge their lines and those of family and friends without scratching a card, any form of online top-up is said to be E top-up with the "E" standing for "Internet".

You can use the E top-up service at ATMs, POS, Glo World outlets, Glo retail partners nationwide or by purchasing airtime online, it is also interesting to know that customers who recharge with via E top-up would receive all the benefits received when recharging with a recharge card and other special bonuses.
Read Also: How To Borrow Airtime Or How To Borrow Data From All Networks
The steps to recharge your line in a Glo outlet or a Retail Dealer is as follows:

  • Visit the Glo outlet or retailer you want to recharge from and pay the required amount
  • The Dealer/Sub or Retailer accesses the eTop-up recharge portal and inputs the phone number of the customer and amount to be recharged, the recharge value is immediately credited to the customer plus all the bonus offers due.
  • An SMS would be received by both the Dealer/Sub/Retailer and the subscriber confirming the successful recharge.
The limit to how much you can top-up with this service is yet to be known, though the minimum is 50.00 Naira.

Am sure it would be of your interest to know that Glo currently gives 8 times bonus to customers who recharges via any of the discussed E top-up, the 8x bonus is credited to the subscriber's line once he recharges any of the following amounts via an eTop-up channel - N101, N201, N501, N1001, N2001, N2501, N3001, N5001, N10001, N20001, N50001, click here to learn amount about the amount of data and voice bonus given on each recharge value from Glo's official website.

Jul 15, 2017

Receive Free N4000 From 9Mobile Nigeria (Etisalat NG)

Receive Free N4000 From 9Mobile Nigeria (Etisalat NG)

It is no longer news that the Etisalat Nigeria we knew has recently changed her name to 9Mobile, this was as a result of the call off of the brand name in Nigeria by Etisalat International some days ago.

9Mobile Telecom

It is quite unfortunate that we would have to adapt and get used to this new name which doesn't sound too good to me, also the company "Etisalat" would be fully out of Nigeria in two weeks, then would our phones and devices begin showing the new name "9Mobile", am very sure my phone would miss the Etisalat brand as much as i would.

It's worth mentioning that Mr Olusanya was appointed as chief executive officer of Etisalat Nigeria to oversee it's transition, he was appointed this position because he was the one whom successfully and smoothly controlled Celtel's transition to Airtel, am very sure we've gotten the food for thought of this act.

Now let's talk more on the topic of this post, in honour of the transition, 9Mobile Telecom is giving out free 4000 Naira worth of voice and data bonus to customers whose lines has been dormant for 30days when they recharge with just 200 Naira., this seems to be very much similar to Airtel's 20x bonus offer.

How To Receive 9Mobile's 4000 Naira Bonus

  • Make sure your SIM has been dormant in the last 30days.
  • Recharge your line with 200 Naira.
  • You would be credited with 4000 Naira bonus with 1000 Naira being for voice calls and 3000 Naira worth of data.
  • You should receive a message like the screenshot below informing you of the bonus, click here to get the code for checking all data balances and bonus.
9mobile bonus

I pray we soon start seeing good data bundle plans and of course, free browsing cheats like the MTN Myapp, Etisalat 0.0 or even Glo unlimited cheat. Am glad the company wasn't totally taken out of Nigeria, rather the brand name was changed to this awkward but adaptable phrase, my worry isn't on what the network chooses to bear though, as long as their service is efficient and reliable.
How To Share Android VPN Internet Connection To PC

How To Share Android VPN Internet Connection To PC

See steps on how to share a VPN internet connection from Android to PC for free browsing, lately we've been using some free browsing cheats with different VPN applications and this has brought about the question and curiosity of how we could tether these VPN cheats to PC, though i had a post that explains this briefly, I would give you the complete procedure here to make the process easier.

Android vpn tethering

Internet geeks in this house must have known that VPN cheats are not tethered to PC without a special method or application, if you tether it as you would while on normal data subscription, the PC may not browse. This is why we are going to take a good look at the steps to properly share a VPN connection from your Android phone to a Windows PC.

How To Tether VPN Internet Connection From Android To Windows PC

  1. Download and install PDANet application in .exe format on your PC, click here to download PDANet Latest Version.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB and follow the on-screen instructions  to install PDANet on your Android phone.
  3. Configure and connect the free browsing or VPN tweak you want to share to the PC
  4. Open the PdaNet application on your phone and select any of the three tethering options, the USB option is recommended.
  5. Now reconnect your phone to your PC via USB, only if you want to use the USB option, Check the USB Tethering option on the PDANet on your phone and wait till it verifies your internet connection and turns on.
  6. Finally, click on the PDAnet popup on your PC to accept the USB tethering from your phone, you can now browse and download on any website as much as the browsing plan or cheat you're using allows.
Those are the simple steps for tethering your VPN internet connection from your Android device to a Windows PC for faster and convenient browsing and downloading, i advice you go through this post that discusses all about PDANet+ application in terms of throttling and features of the Pro version.

Jul 13, 2017

AbokiFX Todays Dollar Pound Euro To Naira Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market

AbokiFX Todays Dollar Pound Euro To Naira Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market

Get today's exchange rates, updated daily from abokifx. Exchange rates of Naira to dollar, pound and euro. AbokiFX is a Nigerian website that has gone viral by it's publishing of Nigeria's Naira exchange rate to different major currencies such as the Dollar, Pound and Naira.

Dollar exchange rate

Many of us are either into Online Sells, Imports and Exports, Bureau De Change and others. All these requires you to always stay updated with the current conversion rate of Naira to the currencies you exchange with.

Abokifx would provide you with that information you need, be it individual banks exchange rates, Black market rates, CBN rates and even BDC rates.

However this post would be updated Daily with the current exchange rates of Naira to all the mentioned major currencies ( Dollar, Pound and Euro ) to make it easier for you to stay updated with what's going on with Nigeria's currency and other countries currencies.

Today's (13/07/2017) AbokiFx Dollar, Pound and Euro Exchange Rate To Naira

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N364 Sell @ N368

Pound to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N468 √ @ Sell @ N472

Euro to Naira Exchange Rates
Buy @ N415Sell @ N420

I believe this information would be very useful to anyone who deals with foreign currencies like Google Adsense participants as it would enable them know the rate at which they would be paid.

Come Back Tomorrow For Tomorrow's Exchange Rates! Naira is our Voice.
Code To Check Etisalat, Airtel, MTN, Glo Data Bonus Balance

Code To Check Etisalat, Airtel, MTN, Glo Data Bonus Balance

On this post I've provided the code to check your data bonus on Etisalat, Airtel, MTN and Glo, the codes can be used to check both your free data bundle and your data subscription balance, which means you ought to take note of them.

Data bonuses are of different kinds as they are all gotten from different sources and means, as we all know, data bonuses can be gotten either by imei tweaking, recharge bonus, occasional free data offers, etc.

code to check data balance

Here i want to give you the code to check the most important bonuses as other bonuses may have their customized codes according to the method they're gotten, the most important codes are those used to check bonus received on recharge, free data bonuses and data bundle gotten by imei tweak.

How To Check Etisalat Data Bonus Balance

Etisalat has lots of data bundle plans which ranges from smartphone data plans to night plans and finally to free imei data bundle, the interesting thing is that they've made checking data bonus on the network very easy because all it requires is just a string of numbers and Voila! Your data balance would be delivered to your phone.

To check your Etisalat data bonus balance dial *228# and your data balance would be sent to your as a text.

You can also check your data balance when you view your account balance by dialing *232#, an SMS would be sent containing your data balance and every other bonus you might have on your line.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance / Bonus

It is also very simple to check your data balance and bonus with a short ussd code, Airtel provided three short codes to check your data bonus on 2G, 3G and 4G, this makes it very easy to differentiate and understand the bonus data you have on your line.

To check your Airtel data balance and bonus dial *123*10# or *123*11#.

How To Check MTN Data Balance / Bonus

You can check your MTN data bonus balance via ussd or SMS, to check your MTN data bundle balance via SMS send 2 to 131 and you would be replied with the balance of your data bundle.

To check MTN data balance or bonus via ussd dial *559*4# or *559# for bonus balance, dial *131*4# for data bundle balance.

How To Check Glo Data Bonus And Balance

Glo has numerous data bundle plans, all of which can be checked by either of the code short codes provided below.

The code below can be used to check your Jollific8, Super-Max, Campus booster and weekend data balance.

To check Glo data bundle and bonus balance dial either #122# for subscription data balance and bonus or *606# for all other data balances.

Share and Comment as you keep coming back for more.. Don't miss out on this trending MTN free browsing cheat, if you miss it - you miss out.

Jul 12, 2017

New MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With MyApp Tweak

New MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With MyApp Tweak

This new MTN free browsing cheat is currently blazing hot and it's unlimited this 2017, the fun part of it is that you can get this free data by simply sending sms to an MTN data subscription short code, you would be credited with this unlimited data cheat by repeating a sequence of messages to the code.

mtn free browsing cheat 2017

MTN calls this free data the "MyMTN" bonus data, it is meant to give you 100MB on your sim and can be gotten only once, but we have found out it is possible to accumulate the bundle hereby making it unlimited, all you have to do is follow the instruction below and you would start receiving your own free data bundle right away.

How To Get Latest MTN Free Browsing Data Cheat - Unlimited

To get the free data simply send MyApp in an SMS to 131 and you would receive a response that you've been rewarded with free 100mb data for browsing and downloading on the MTN network, now send Stop MyApp to 131 to unsubscribe from the package.

Your free data would remain intact even after you've unsubscribed, so you should just keep repeating the above sequence to continue receiving the data on your SIM.

mtn free data cheat

Note: MTN has started working on this loophole by sending subscribers a text message that their line has been blacklisted for the the myMtn offer, hereby making it impossible for you to get more data after accumulating 1GB.


  • It doesn't require imei tweaking
  • It doesn't require a VPN to power browsers
  • It powers all apps
  • Works on all devices including phones, PCs etc.
  • Easy to get and accumulate
  • Valid for 3days
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Browses and downloads at high speed
Enjoy the free offer while it lasts and please don't fail to share this post to friends and family, keep checking back for more as better tweaks are on their way.

Jul 7, 2017

Ntel Nova Specifications And Price - Feature Phone With 4G LTE

Ntel Nova Specifications And Price - Feature Phone With 4G LTE

See the specifications and price of the just released Ntel Nova android phone launched by Nigeria's notable 4G LTE network provider "NTEL".

Unsurprisingly the phone has a lot to offer despite its feature phone build, size and look. It comes with a 3.5 inches touch-screen display and an alphanumeric keyboard.

ntel nova specifications

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and supports 2G, 3G and 4G VoLTE networks mode which means you can make calls irrespective of the network the phone is currently set to.

The phone supports LTE bands 3(1800) and 8(900) which in normal circumstances means it would support Etisalat's 4G browsing, though i doubt that if it would be possible because the phone may be locked to only Ntel lines.

The phone offers you enough RAM of 1 GB and an internal storage of 8 GB, an SD Card slot is not present though for expansion but the phone is just with okay with what it provides, that's why it's of the feature phone size.

Talking about camera, there's a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera for selfies, not bad though because it's equal to that of some low specs devices we've reviewed in the past. I kind of like it's collection of Gold, Rose Gold and Grey colours though, looks quite attractive for a phone as cheap as it.

We are are yet to get info about its processor but we know it is powered by a 1800 mAh battery and supports Bluetooth, Micro USB port for charging and connecting to PC, and of course, support for all other minor phone features like Music player, FM radio, video recording etc.

Price of the Ntel Nova phone is currently at 25,000 Naira or 30,000 Naira, the first comes with the Ntel Max Bundle which gives you 25 GB Data and 250 voice minutes for calls to all networks, all valid for one month, while the later comes with the Nova XL Bundle.

Key Specs of Ntel Nova 4G Phone

ntel nova price

3.5-inches touch-screen display
Plastic Build
Feature phone size
Gold, Rose Gold and Grey colours

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Dual Sim support
2G/3G/4G Network Modes
 4G LTE Bands: 3(1800) / 8(900) Mhz; VoLTE

 RAM: 1 GB
 Internal Storage: 8 GB

 Rear Camera: 5 MP
 Front Camera: 2 MP

Bluetooth support
MicroUSB port
FM Radio
Social Media dedicated keys

 Battery: 1800 mAh
 Fast Charging: No
 Launch Date: 5th July, 2017
 Available: Yes
 Price: NGN 25,000 with Nova Max Bundle / NGN 30,000 with Nova XL Bundle.

You can buy the Ntel Nova phone at any Ntel outlet or SLOT stores and get a 50% discount if you buy from an Ntel Outlet.

Make sure you share this post to inform your friends of this cheap 4G LTE phone, i see this phone as a vision come true of the initial Jelly 4G LTE phone by Unihertz and i also believe it could be the perfect choice for anyone that desires fast internet connection but on a low budget.

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