Mar 24, 2017

Get 3GB To Browse And Download Plus 1GB To Stream On Youtube And 100 Minutes Of Call By Tweaking This Imei On Tigo Network In Ghana

Get 3GB To Browse And Download Plus 1GB To Stream On Youtube And 100 Minutes Of Call By Tweaking This Imei On Tigo Network In Ghana

If you're in Ghana and visiting Contechsblog we have a working free browsing tweak for you, I know this is the first time am posting a free browsing solution here for Ghanaians so i made sure it is worth sharing with you guys.

If you're already using Tigo Mobile Network in Ghana then this free browsing would work for you but if you're not you would have no other option but to get one else you won't be able to grab this free offer. After tweaking the imei provided below, you would receive 3GB Free Data to browse and download on any site and valid for 30 Days. You would also receive 1GB data that you can only use to stream videos on youtube for 6 Months.

Steps to get the free data on Tigo Ghana network;

* Learn how to tweak your android device imei here or by watching this Video. Now you can analyze and tweak this imei "352385089395395" on your android phone. Check if you've tweaked correctly by dialing *#06# .

* Send DM to 454 as a text massage and wait for reply from the network.

* You would receive the first  reply with content "Dear customer, your request could not be processed. Dial *#06# on your phone and send your 15-digit IMEI number to 454 ", wait until you receive the second reply that says "Congratulation you have 3GB, 100mins on-net for 30Days and Free 1GB for youtube for 6months. Thank you . Now you have successfully gotten your free data and you can start using it on your smartphone, PC, game gadgets and others.
Make sure to Share it to your social media friends to help them save data cost this month.

You're here in Nigeria? You don't have to bother, You can use any of these free browsing tweaks .

Mar 23, 2017

Google Family Link Android App Gives You Control Over Your Child's Device

Google Family Link Android App Gives You Control Over Your Child's Device

As a parent, have you ever wondered how you could control how your child uses gadgets? Google has made that very possible with the Google Link app that was just announced. With this app you can control your child's activities on his/her smartphone or tablets, From Monitoring Screen Time to Setting Daily Use Limits and also extends to even setting Bedtimes.

You have full control over your child's device by using the Google Family Link app, you can control and restrict the kind of apps that your child would be able to use by configuring it on your device.
This app is meant to be used for children under 13 years old but i trust our Nigerian parents, they would even use it on a child of over 15 years old with the thought that after all " You are still a child ".

It isn't a complex process to setup the google family link app, all it requires is an Android device that runs on at least 4.4 Kitkat.
The parent has to download the google family link app and setup an email address that would be signed in on the child's phone which should be running on Android 7.0 Nougat, I think this part of the child's device having to run on Android version 7.0 doesn't really make sense and would also restrict most parents from using the family link app. It is known here that about 90% of parents do not buy new devices for their kid's that are below 13, instead they transfer their old devices to them.

The possibility for a Nigerian child under 14 years of age using an Android device that runs on the latest version 7.0 of Android is almost impossible, though there is an exception to the children of the rich dads because their parents can actually allow them use any device.

This app would be used most in foreign countries like the US but would experience a very low download rate in Nigeria considering it's requirements. iOS users would have to wait for some time to get the app since it hasn't been released for the OS yet.

Mar 22, 2017

Download All Paid Android Google Playstore Apps For Free Without Rooting Or Tweaking Your Phone

Download All Paid Android Google Playstore Apps For Free Without Rooting Or Tweaking Your Phone

This info just came today and i must say it is the Hottest News I've heard this year - 2017. We all were here when i reviewed the Top Expensive Apps on Google Playstore and we saw how costly apps could be with some been sold for over 29,000 Naira and others at about that range too.

I still remember the Get Rich application i reviewed here a week ago that costs over 23,000 Naira and does absolutely nothing,  I wondered how anyone would ever buy such a useless application at that extravagant price but now am no longer wondering how that is possible because the trick am going teach you now would give you access to download any amount of paid Google playstore app without paying a dime!. Special Thanks to my Tech Bro - Shelaf.

Words can not express how i feel right now, it is as though God just remembered me today.
I formatted my phone early today and lost all my apps, i was having the thought of using the Lucky Patcher Trick to get some paid apps for free, little did i know that i was just about to find the solution to a long-lived issue.

Am more than happy to announce to you all at that you can now get all Playstore Paid apps for free without tweaking or even rooting your device.
It's just so overwhelming, It doesn't have any complex procedure neither those it take time to get it running. With just a  simple installation of an App that would grant you this request of getting all apps for free, Your application download record would turn around for the best!.

Lets get it running;

% Download and Install "Appvn" app from this Link

% The App is already at it's latest version so you wouldn't have to go through any update, Open the app now and click on the top left menu button, Navigate to "Cai Dat" and click on it.
On the next menu you would click on "Cai dat ngon ngu" and then select English.
You would notice that the language of the app is now changed to English.

% Still on the Menu options, On the top you would see a Login button - Click on it and choose the Register option to register and then login, But i would advice you use the Sign in with Facebook option, that way you wouldn't have to fill any registration info hereby saving your time.

Now you are done with setting up the app, it was simple isn't it? It really was very simple.

To Download Google Playstore Paid Apps for Free follow the procedure below:

% Open your Play Store and search for the paid app you wish to download or you can also navigate through the paid apps section of play store and choose any of the app you want.

% Click on the app you want to download and scroll past the Reviews and locate the "Share" button, click on it and select the Appvn app from the list of options that would come up.

% Appvn application would now open with the app you selected on Play store, all you have to do now is click on the Download button and the paid app you selected would be downloaded to your phone for free. Once the download is complete you would be prompted to Install the application and once installed it you are now ready to use the app as you wish.

% To download more apps after the first one has installed or is still downloading, just press your phone's back button twice and you would be back on play store where you can select another paid app to download. You can always go back to playstore anytime and select a paid app and use the share button to share it to your Appvn and then download it for free.

Features of Appvn

% It is an Android Market application that has been customized to enable you get paid apps for free.

% It auto installs downloaded applications if your device has root access and granted to it.

% It is a free app that doesn't charge you either for registration or for the downloading of apps.

% It doesn't require busybox, xposed or any other tweak app to function neither does it work only on rooted phones. It is just the best!.

What are you still waiting for? Grab on your Sim and purchase a Night Plan or use any of these Free Browsing and start downloading those expensive applications that you've always wanted, this is your perfect and might be your only chance to achieve that.
Please don't just read and go, Share the post using the share buttons and Gist me about your progress using the Comment Box.... Contechsblog Always Cares.

HTC U Ultra Smartphone - Review And Specifications

HTC U Ultra Smartphone - Review And Specifications

HTC threw a new stunning device into the mobile market a month ago, i tell you - this phone is super great. It is named HTC U Ultra and it's specifications are truly ultra.
I feel so overwhelmed by features of this device, i was never a fan of HTC devices nor do i even remember wanting to review any of their products  but this their new smartphone has really changed my thoughts about them.

HTC has been off the mobile market for some time now, little did we know that they would comeback with something classic which may make us dump our entry level smartphones and go for it. The Design of this device is really beautiful with a Glass Back and a Liquid surface, you can't argue the fact that Glass back devices are always something to write home about cause they feel very smooth in hand and gives you that feeling of holding something of worth like the Alcatel Led Covered Smartphone.

This device is blessed with a 5.7 inches Super LCD Display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.
The feature that drives me crazy on this smartphone is that it has a Secondary Screen of 2.05" with a resolution of 1040 x 160 pixels. We do remember the days when devices used to have a secondary display on the back that shows you the time and details of an incoming call, it was really an amazing feature then. The secondary display on the HTC U Ultra doesn't look anything like that of those days, it is a highly functional display that does a whole more than just showing you the time and caller details, It is simply the best!.

A Snapdragon 820 Chipset with a Quad-core Adreno 530 processor clocked at 2.15Ghz / 1.6Ghz guarantees you the best  that speed can afford for a device made by HTC. with this kind of device i don't think you would ever need to over-clock your CPU just to play a Heavy HD game as most people do on their entry level devices.

Photo Freaks are not left out, you have a 12MP Back Camera with Dual Led to take that wide picture with your friends even at night, the Front Camera gives you a 4MP with UltraPixel function.
The camera is good enough for me considering it's dual led and Ultrapixel selfie camera, you can't just ask for more.

Onboard storage is excellent at 64GB and option to extend it with an SD card while a 4GB Ram controls the multitasking, Don't be surprised - HTC U Ultra runs on latest Android 7.0 Nougat. What more can you ask of this smartphone?
Videos are played at a high resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels with very good audio.

Its super-fast 4G LTE can download at speeds you never imagined and supports all Nigeria 4G Networks, this device also connects seamlessly with Bluetooth 4.2, Fast Fingerprint Sensor and USB Type C support. For those interested, you might also like to know that this device supports NFC Connection and also has a Display Port.
The Battery isn't bad at 3000mAh though it would have made more sense if it was more and it isn't removable.

I hope i didn't exaggerate the features of this smartphone though something tells me i did, the device is still wonderful after all.
When comparing this phone to another you just have to keep the specifications below in mind.

Notable Features and Specifications of HTC U Ultra

  • 5.7 inches Screen
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 12 Megapixel Rear Camera with Dual Flash
  • 4MP UltraPixel Selfie Camera
  • 64GB Internal Storage
  • 4GB Ram
  • Snapdragon 820 Chipset
  • Quadcore 2.15Ghz/1.6Ghz Adreno 530 Processor
  • Fast 4G LTE Support
  • NFC Support
  • USB Type C
  • Special Display Port
  • Unremovable 3000mAh Battery 

Mar 21, 2017

Vivo Y25s Is A Budget Smartphone With Good Specifications: See Review

Vivo Y25s Is A Budget Smartphone With Good Specifications: See Review

Vivo recently released the Y55s Smartphone and now they've also launched a cheaper device that would meet your needs without making you go bankrupt, I mean the Vivo Y25s.

This device is not much of a wonder phone but am very sure it isn't also worthless, in fact many of us would like it for it simplicity and budget price.
It may not have the cool features of the Tecno CX or even the CX Air but it sure has a lot to offer and if you aren't too demanding then you should be just fine with it.

Screen size is 4.5" which i know does not meet up with the current trend of 5.0inches display seen on most devices released this year, it's Android version is 5.1 Lollipop which isn't too old yet as many devices still run on it.

You also get an Internal storage of 16GB, here it meets up the minimum for 2017 Smartphones though the Ram is 1GB which i think shouldn't be a problem except you run a whole lot of apps at the same time.
With the specifications you are seeing i know would be expecting it processor to be nothing more than a dual core old mediatek CPU , but unfortunately and fortunately ( That is if you wish to buy this phone ) for you , the Vivo Y25s has a Quad core 1.3Ghz MT6580 processor.

However it's Camera isn't a surprise, at least not a pleasant one with just 5MP Rear and 2MP Front.
I remember this cameras were invoke about 2years ago but as we know Technology advances every minute and as such it has passed this level of camera quality, but when you're considering your budget and preference scale you wouldn't have a choice than to manage.

It's battery quality too is also a dilemma, how can a device produced in March 2017 be having 1900mAh Battery? Only Budgeting can cause that, I really wished the battery was at least 2500mAh at least to sustain someone in this era where steady electricity is witnessed only on special days. We are in a Social World but this kind of battery capacity can really limit your social activities.
My advice to anyone who wishes to get this device is that you save enough money that can buy you this device and a Powerbank, that's the only way you're going to enjoy your phone.

Now these are what made me feel this device is worthy of Review and might also be a good assistant to our main devices;
• It has a USB On The Go support: Maybe you've forgotten but you've got to remember that this feature allows you use USB Peripherals like Keyboard, Gamepad even a USB Flash Drive.
You can read more about that Here.

• It supports the Trending 4G LTE: 
To tell the truth, this is actually the main reason the device caught my eyes despite it's entry specs.
4G LTE is what every smartphone user desires because it makes your online activity move swiftly and fast, you download stuffs over 5times faster than you would you on 3G network.
It is a very good thing it was added and I believe this might make it sell more that it would have without it.

If you're buying this phone because of it's 4G support you have to make sure that it supports the Band of the Mobile Network you're using, Check the Band of all the 4G LTE networks in Nigeria .

That's everything you need to know about Vivo Y25 Smartphone, just take a glance through the summary of the specifications and features.

Key Specifications of Vivo Y25s

• 4.5" Display
• Android 5.1 Lollipop
• Customized UI - FunTouch OS 2.1

• 16GB Onboard Storage
• 1GB Ram

• MT6580 Mediatek Chipset
• Quad-Core 1.3Ghz CPU

• 5MP Back Camera
• 2MP Front

• 4G LTE Support
• USB OTG Support

• 1900mAh Battery

This phone is priced at 35,000Naira in Nigeria, which is equivalent to Rs 7,256 in India .
Google Just Added Twenty New Blogger Themes In Four New Categories

Google Just Added Twenty New Blogger Themes In Four New Categories

I always say this " If i don't like Google for anything, at least i still love the way they keep updating their services". Google is a Company that doesn't leave it's services at an outdated state for long, they always release new features and updates hereby showing their users that they care about them and always available to help them get the best of every service they use.
I feel very glad to inform you about the new themes google has added to it's list of blogger themes, the new themes are classified into 4 sections and are 20 in number.

Google released these themes just after modifying the blogger interface by which they changed the tab that was labelled as "Template" to the new label "Theme".
Every blogger should take note when writing or reading a tutorial on how to setup anything that relates to blogger themes that the label Template is now known and labelled as Theme.

As i already said, the new themes are classified into four categories, which are:

1. Contempo

2. Soho

3. Emporio

4. Notable

Each of these categories has five similar themes with color and design differences each, summing up to twenty themes.
I also noticed that each of the themes was designed with a particular type of blog in mind, for instance - the fifth theme on Soho would look very nice on a blog that talks about Fruits and Food while the fourth theme on the same category may be the best for a Cosmetics and Beauty blog.

However, I kind of prefer the fourth theme on Contempo to all the other themes because of it's stylish font, it really makes it look very attractive and unique.
Soon new bloggers and some old bloggers whom wishes to change their theme would start making use of these new ones and it would surely look good.

The interesting thing is you can customize any of the themes to your taste by changing the fonts, images, colors and style right from the theme menu, that way you do not need to be an JavaScript coding expert in order to customize your theme.

Just open your blogger dashboard and click on the Theme tab and select any of the new themes and customize it if you wish and use it on your blog, it would surely make your blog unique. You can also preview a theme before applying it to your blog.

Why not be the first to use the new blogger themes? It means a lot you know, even if it doesn't win you any award it would surely make you feel very proud of yourself.

Share this post round the internet to inform all Blogger users that Google has shown it cares by providing this well designed and wonderful looking themes.
If your'e already using any of the new themes, just drop your comment and your blog link so we can checkout your site and see how the theme looks on it. Happy Blogging!!!.
MTN Free Browsing With Gameplus Data Is Still Working

MTN Free Browsing With Gameplus Data Is Still Working

Now we're back to the era of struggling to browse free after our unlimited Etisalat remote tweak got blocked untimely, However we are sure to always have alternatives and that is what has been keeping most of us online.

Most of us can still remember the MTN Game plus free browsing that we enjoyed last year, then it was even renewable and to an extent it was considered the best if it's kind, then we also had the MTN Musicplus free browsing blazing too and most of us used some good amount of data before MTN stopped these free browsing by making us pay when we send the sms to receive the data for either of the two.

The exciting thing now is that MTN seems to have forgotten about the gameplus data bundle and the charge for sending the subscription SMS has also been removed, though i haven't checked if you can resubscribe after the first subscription.
The gameplus subscription gives you 300MB data that allows you visit just the MTN gameplus website but with the aid of VPN apps we were and is now still able to use it to browse and download for free.

Before looking at the settings and subscription process for the MTN Gameplus data, you should Click Here to see other amazing and easy to set free browsing tweaks that may catch your eye.

Settings For MTN Gameplus Free Browsing

Before you start setting up your VPN app you need to have gotten the Free 300mb game plus data, to get the data send JW to 131 and check your data balance by dialing *559# and your Game plus data would show 300MB.
Now you can follow the steps below to get it working and to power all your apps.

1. Download and Install Psiphon Pro Lite VPN

2.Start the app and set it up as below
- Tick Remove Port
• Proxy Type - Real Host
• Proxy Server -
• Real Proxy Type - Inject
• Real Proxy Server - 80

Now you can save but don't Connect yet.

3. Goto More Options and configure as below
• Host Address -
• Host Port - 8080
Save and Go back.

4. Choose Either USA or Best Performance as your preferred region.
Connect and in less than a minute your free browsing should be up and running.

If you face any difficulties setting it up, you can use the comment box and i would get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you Share this to your friends.

Mar 20, 2017

Innjoo Leapbook M100 Review, Specifications And Price

Innjoo Leapbook M100 Review, Specifications And Price

Innjoo Leapbook M100 is now on sale at Jumia for a very affordable Price, but before i tell you the price i would want you to know the specification and features of the device.

This is a device anyone can refer to as a Mid-range Laptop cause it's features are better than that of entry level laptops like the Lenovo Ideapad A10.
With 14.1" Display you are sure to get a very clear and wide view on this laptop though not the widest as there are so many other laptops in it's range with bigger screen size. It runs on the Latest Windows 10 OS and uses an Intel Atom x5 z8350 Quad-core 1.44Ghz processor.

The Ram of the device is 2GB while the Internal Memory is 32GB with an External SD Card Slot. It has an Intel HD Graphics Gen8-LP Graphics Processor and a 0.3MP Webcam.
This laptop is powered by a 10,000mAh Rechargeable Polymer Battery.

Key Specs Of Innjoo Leapbook M100

√ 14.1 Inches Display
√ Windows 10 OS
√ Intel Atom X5 Z8350 Chipset
√ Quad core 1.44Ghz Processor
√ Intel HD Gen-8 Graphics
√ 2GB Ram
√ 32GB Internal Memory
√ External Storage Support
√ 10,000mAh Battery
It comes in two colors which are Champagne Gold and Moonlight Silver.

Price of Innojoo Leapbook M100

It costs below 100,000Naira on Jumia, so if you're interested you just have to visit the site and make your order.
I also recommend that you check out these Top 2017 Laptops before making any purchase.

Mar 19, 2017

Tecno Camon CX Air Features, Comparison And Price In Nigeria, Ghana And Kenya

Tecno Camon CX Air Features, Comparison And Price In Nigeria, Ghana And Kenya

While reviewing the Tecno Phonepad 3 that was released recently and as i was imagining the speed at which Tecno is producing new phones this year, it occurred to me that there is a very important device though not yet released but the features and specifications are already available - that i was about to miss.

I talk of no other device but the Tecno Camon CX Air, this phone is a smaller variant of the Tecno Camon C10 (CX) i posted here yesterday.
Both phones have similar specs and design, the only noticeable difference between the two devices is the Screen Size and Camera.

The Tecno CX Air is a 5.0inches display device with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels unlike it's bigger variant that has a 5.5" screen, It is has a Metallic build just as C10.
Camera quality on this device is a little bit different as it is expected to come with a Dual Camera Setup with both the front and back camera having a Led Flash, this is not present in the Camon C10 which has a 13MP Front and Back Camera.

Processing tasks on the Camon C10 Air is handled by a Quad-core Mediatek MT6750T processor clocked at 1.5ghz for fast performance, a Mali T880 processor handles the Graphics. It has an Internal Memory of 32GB accompanied with 2GB of Ram.

This phone runs on latest Android 7.0 Nougat just like the CX and would also have the HiOS UI.
It has a Fingerprint scanner which is also present on the Camon C10 and it supports 4G LTE and USB On The Go.

Just as the Tecno Camon C10, it is also powered by a 3000mAh Li-Polymer Battery.

Key Specs Of Tecno Camon CX (10) Air
√ 5.0inches Display
√ Android 7.0 Nougat
√ Metallic Body

√ Mediatek MT6750T Chip
√ Quad-Core 1.5Ghz Processor
√ Mali T880 Graphics Processor

√ 32GB Internal Storage
√ 2GB Ram
√ SD Card Support

√ Front and Back Camera Led Flash
√ Fingerprint Sensor
√ 4G LTE
√ 3000mAh Battery

Official Price for this device is not yet available, any price you might find on any site are just assumptions, also note that the specifications provided were leaked so they are subject to change on release of the phone.

Encourage me by Sharing this post and also use the comment box to give your opinion or suggestion, Have a Nice Day.
Tecno PhonePad 3 Review, Specification And Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana And United States.

Tecno PhonePad 3 Review, Specification And Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana And United States.

Tecno is out with another eye catching device, this time they came with something big which they believe can function both as a phone and a pad simultaneously which in one word is called a "Phablet". With the speed and types of devices Tecno keeps releasing, am beginning to feel that soon they might start competing with companies like Samsung or even iOS.

This device is a 7.0 inches Pad with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, I can't be too sure if an update to Android 7.0 Nougat would be released for it soon.
However, it has a Mediatek MT8375W Chipset and with a Quad Core Cortex A5 CPU clocked at 1.3Ghz. I expect a moderate processing speed with this since it isn't an Octacore processor.

It's Camera quality is good with 16MP Back with Dual Led and a 5MP Selfie ( Front ) camera, The back camera would surely satisfy you and make your pictures clear a reasonable extent.
Internal Storage is 16GB with option to use an external SD Card while RAM is 2GB.

It has a fast Fingerprint Sensor and also supports 4G LTE for maximum download speed.
Design is awesome with a Metallic Body and color variants of Champagne Gold and Space Grey.

Now we await the father of all the specifications, that particular thing that might make you hate or love the device. Am talking about the Battery, as a Pad with huge screen size the battery consumption would be a little higher than that of an ordinary smartphone so Tecno made sure they took care of that and equipped the Phonepad 3 with a Non-Removable 4100mAh Battery which i believe would last for over 8hours on medium use.

Key Specs Of Tecno Phone Pad 3
√ Full Metallic Build
√ 7" Display
√ Android 6.0 Marshmallow

√ Mediatek MT8375W Chipset
√ Quad Core Cortex A5 Processor

√ 16GB Internal Memory
√ 2GB Ram
√ SD Card Support

√ 16MP Rear Camera with Dual Flash
√ 5MP Front Camera

√ 4100mAh Battery
√ Fingerprint Sensor
√ 4G LTE Support
√ USB On The Go Support
√ Color Options of Champagne Gold and Space Grey .

Prices of the Tecno PhonePad 3

In Nigeria = N70,000 - 75,000 Naira
In Kenya = <=22,100 Kenyan Shilling
In Ghana = 1,100 Ghana Cedis
In USA = 228 US Dollars

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