Mar 20, 2017

Contechs Blog Whatsapp Group Is Live And Active - Join Now

You can now join Contechs Blog Live on Whatsapp and be getting the latest and trending tech gists, latest browsing tips, tutorials, reviews, fix for phone and gadget issues, android guide and how-tos, data bundles information on all networks and all sorts of tech information.

Latest Technology Information, Android Guide Whatsapp Group

Being a member of the Whatsapp group would give you the opportunity to get the latest posts and information early and also give you a chance to meet with other Techies whom you can consult if you have any issue on your device or a particular free browsing tweak.

Latest Gadgets And Android Devices

You would be welcomed by the group Admin ( Confy Scenty ) also the rules of the group would be sent to you. The rules aren't hard to keep, just normal rules that every standard organization needs to abide to.

Goodies are part of every gathering but the goodies that would be presented to you if you perform well in the group is yet to be announced, so you have to put in your best and don't be a bully.

The whatsapp group link is not shared so it doesn't get into the wrong hands, am sure you wouldn't want to be in a tech group where lots of spammers are present to constantly send irrelevant stuffs. That's the reason we can't give out the link, so we can maintain a very neat and quiet environment in the group.

How to join the group?

Phone reviews and latest browsing tweakss

Well you can join in two ways, either by;

√ Commenting with your Name and Phone Number and say "Add Me"


√ You Chat the Admin up on Whatsapp with 09025331365 and you would be added.

I look forward to getting your comments and massages.
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