May 7, 2017

Airtel Free Browsing 2017 With Unlimited Data Cheat

Airtel 2017 free browsing cheat is here with unlimited data ! You can get as much as 500GB or even a terabyte of data with this free browsing cheat. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and see how to get it on your phone.

Airtel 2017 Unlimited Free Browsing Code
Am not gonna waste much time telling you about this stuff cause it's blazing hot, instead am gonna go straight to telling you how it works and how to get it right away.

You simply have to migrate to a new Airtel tariff plan and once it's successful you start dialing a code that gives you 1GB data on each dial, isn't that simple? You're alone if you think it's not.

How To Get Airtel 2017 Unlimited Data Cheat
Dial *317# to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe Jr.
• You would receive a welcome massage once your migration is successful.
• Start dialing *688*1# and you would keep receiving 1GB Unlimited Social Data.
• Keep dialing the code to continue accumulating the gigabytes until you are satisfied.
• The data bundle is valid till May 31st 2017.
• Check your data balance with *140#.

Note; It is a social media plan and may not work with all websites, but am going to share how to use it on every website including Google Playstore very soon.

This one is Hot!! Airtel 2017 Free Browsing Cheat Is The Best This Year! Don't miss out.



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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah and it's still blazing hot!!!

  2. tnx man... but it seems like a waste because it can only work for fbk, WhatsApp and Opera mini..and you can't download stuff that is more than 16mb.
    please if there is any cheat that can help us maximize the huge data, please share it with us... Thanks.

    1. Yeah there is a trick that enables you download with it, just stay online cause i shall share it soon.

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  5. please add me 0902 652 9949

  6. pls add me to your group ,i am in ghana and i also need these cheat pls whatsapp number is 0244487568.thank you

    1. Hello i tried adding you but couldn't find your number on WhatsApp, Please check and resend in International format.

  7. Does it work up till now? Thanks

    1. No Bro, you can't get it again though the lucky ones whom theirs were not debited are still making use of it.

  8. nice one. pls add me too 08143053035


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