May 16, 2017

Latest Tweakware V6.4 Works With Glo And Etisalat​ Free Browsing Cheats

After a long wait Tweakware 6.4 is finally out and you can download it for free, this version of the app came with a lot of improvement for both Etisalat and Glo free browsing 2017. You would find lots of features and better customization which allows you enjoy the free browsing cheats in this v6.4 of the VPN app.

I noticed lots of good changes in this new tweakware VPN release, The interface now looks bolder and most importantly free servers are now set to Auto Select which means you would always be connected to the server with the best coverage and speed.
The etisalat and Glo free browsing tweaks have been modified to work very well at great speed, they app also improved in the connection speed for both cheats and reduced the rate at which it disconnects.
Reconnection on this new version has been made faster and saves you from failed downloads.

The settings remain the same and as usual​ all you have to do is select the free browsing tweak you want to use and choose your server (Free or Premium), Connection happens in seconds.
The Glo 0.0 remains unlimited while the Etisalat 0.0 is still capped at 60MB per day.

Download Tweakware 6.4 Here



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  1. Replies
    1. Good Day Bro, What was the response you got?

  2. I think the Glo is either Sim selective or it doesn't work on every phone. My neighbor uses it even for streaming and lots more and only disconnects and connect once in a while, but reversed if the case on mine, even if it connects, it rarely browse, and often disconnects

    1. We've never had any case of the glo 0.0 cheat being sim dependent but you may be right because free browsing tweaks can act strangely sometimes, maybe you should try your neighbor's settings.


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