May 29, 2017

New MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2017 With SyphonShield

MTN free browsing cheat is back again this 2017 and you can enjoy it with Syphonshield Android VPN app. It is unlimited as it is not capped to any data limit per day like the Etisalat 0.0 tweak.

MTN free browsing cheat 2017

This cheat existed some time ago and i believe most of us really made good use of it, however now it isn't as stable as it was then and it doesn't even work on all Sims.
Comments I've read also shows that this cheat disconnects very fast even with strong network coverage, I only made it available here so we all can tweak different settings for it until we finally make it stable and stop the disconnection, anyways you can still use the Glo unlimited free browsing with Anonytun VPN.

MTN Free Browsing With Syphonshield Settings

1. Download and install Syphonshield VPN apk Here

2. Use your default APN settings

3. Configure Syphonshield with the settings below

Tick Remove Port

Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Type: HTTP

Port: 80

Done. Save and select Tunnel Whole Device.

Goto More Options and click on Connect through http

Host address:

Port: 8080

Save, go back and select United States as preferred server and click on Connect button.

If you're lucky and it connects successfully then you now can download as many files as you want, though the quick disconnection is one issue that has to be fixed soon. Goodluck.



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  1. Replies
    1. The cheat is old now and has just a 30% chance of working.

  2. even if it will work, most vpn cheat are very slow as compared with data cheat

    1. Yeah, most of them are truly slower than normal subs e.g this 9mobile unlimited browsing cheat.


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