May 18, 2017

Top 10 Countries With High CPC On Adsense - 2017

Here i want to list the 2017 top 10 Countries with the highest CPC on Google Adsense (Cost Per Click), These countries pay the highest if you get clicks from them and you can really make good money from adsense if you get lots of traffic and engagement from these countries on the list.

The amount of money you make on adsense depends on countries you get clicks from, The cost per clicks of different countries are not equal just as human fingers aren't equal.
American countries are known to have very high cpc while Asian countries have a very low cpc's, This is why you are paid more money when a visitor from US clicks on your ads than when a visitor from Myanmar or India clicks on it.

You should also note that the cost per click of any advert does not only depend on the location the click came from, rather it depends on a lot of  other factors of which "Type of Advertiser" is one of. Some advertisers pay higher for their ads while others pay very little, if an ad that is paid well for is clicked a higher cost is paid, the opposite goes to ads paid little for.

Top 10 Countries With High Adsense CPC

1. United States
2. Australia
3. Norway 
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada
6. New Zealand
7. South Africa
8. Netherlands
9. Germany
10. Sweden

The sorting of countries in the above list is based on personal experience and research, You have the right to disagree to it.
I wasn't able to include their possible cpc range because it depends on the advertiser and the type of ad clicked.



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